About Me

Who’s on the other side of the camera?

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to check out my ‘about me’ section. This is the typical section where I’m supposed to tell you how perfect or this brag all to hire me for your next session. What I am going to do instead, is tell you how real I am, how my imperfections are what helped me grow as a person, and a photographer.  

If you met me out in public, you’d see someone who is anxious or shy but when I am behind my camera, I come alive. My repeat clients will often say that working with me is like working with a close family member. I like to skip the awkward meet and greet, and strike up conversation like we’ve known each other for years. I’ve find this method relaxes me and my clients then we have a magical session <3

Close to 10 years I’ve captured amazing memories and every year it gets better. In the winter of 2018 I hit a deep depression due to a life long illness known as Gastroparisis. This disease is like no other. Some days, I’m on top of the world, and other days, I’m not. It took hitting just about rock bottom to see a new vision I had for my business. In the winter of 2019, I revamped my entire photography business plan! Sessions in the past were the typical “stand and pose with a smile”, which gave my clients some great images but didn’t really capture the true emotions of the moment. I now strive to live in the moment and inspire my clients to do so during their sessions. I can’t wait to share so many giggly images with you at our session 🙂

Photography is an art form and I hope I get the chance to offer my artistic style to you and your session! If you are ready to chat or book a session please let me know!

~ Natalie