About Me

I know many of you have had your beautiful family moments captured by me, but for those that haven’t had the “British Touch Photography” experience, I wanted to take this moment to introduce myself. 

I have almost a decade of experience with births, children, family and couples photography. I am widely known for my artistic and creative ability, a keen eye for detail, doing anything to getting ‘the shot,’ shooting in beautiful outdoor locations and my editing style. Currently, I am located in Mary Esther, Florida, but I do travel across the panhandle for photoshoots at a variety of different locations.

I am in the business of taking your photos of your special moments that you will cherish a lifetime. I have been named “the child whisperer” for my real test of patience with children clients, including special needs children.

I have done milk-bath shoots, labor and delivery, lifestyle shoots, and dozens of weddings, routinely. My specialty and most common photoshoots I do are family, couples, and children. I do welcome pets to photo shoots and always have a treat for my children clients.

I am a reasonable and flexible photographer, and if you have any questions or ideas regarding photos you’d like taken, please message me   Thank you, and I look forward to your business!