2 months with having an assistant!

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Any other photographers have an assistant?

Having Blair at sessions the past few months has been a delight. My clients love her to pieces and I love how she’s helped open my eyes more at sessions. She has this way with clients that makes their entire body relax. It’s wonderful having someone at sessions who has a different perspective. With Blair as my apprentice, I see myself growing and improving outside of my usual session routine.

Last week, we waited and waited for these beautiful Sahara skies so we could do some new head shots. Well we may not have got the sky we crossed our fingers for, but we got some amazing images and a new location for those daring clients LOL. Anyone else not get lush skies this past week? Here on the Emerald coast it was rather blue and very overcast. I’ll admit though, the darker blue sky with this location was perfect.

This session was so amazing, fun, exciting and down right awesome lol. It felt nice to get out and location scout again. Blair took some really beautiful pictures of me which fit perfectly on my website <3 and i’m really digging the images I captured of her.

I can’t wait for the next few months of Summer fun mini’s, some fall mini’s and possibly some Christmas mini’s eeekk with her help! I’m enjoying sharing everything I know about the photography industry and helping her grow her portfolio. It shall be so sad when she leaves the area because I’ve having someone to talk to before shoots.

If you haven’t had an apprentice/assistant … or whatever fancy word you’d like to call it, I would say try it 🙂

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