10 things about me

If you wanted to know 10 random things about me LOL

This would be that place for those 10 random facts, but also a bonus lol. This would be that place to see how random or how much of a real person I am…gasp!

  1. I’m very anxious and shy before sessions but the photography part overpowers my anxiety…basically making me weird as ever around clients LOL 
  1. Eeekk to anything Giraffe! I love giraffes sooo much which includes the giraffe tattoo on my leg my kids named Cantaloupe. 
  1. I was a teen mom. At 17 years old I had my first daughter followed by my second daughter at 19.
  1. I’m proud to say that I am Branding Ambassador for PNY LOL In my earlier days of being a photographer I went and got a giant PNY SD card tattoo’d onto my arm. It may seem silly and cheesy to some, but I love to brag about it every chance I get LOL
  1. On my free time I like to garden. I started a vegetable garden which is a total of 12 raised beds with lots of varieties of vegetables and fruits. 
  1. My favorite food of all time is chicken fettuccini alfredo from olive garden with extra alfredo sauce on the side for their super yummy breadsticks..yuummmy, where is your favorite restaurant? 
  1. My dream Christmas would be to spend the holidays in a cabin deep in the mountains of TN..with snow 😊 
  1. We adopted a Great Dane that weights more than me! Her name is Java and she is a rescue that came from an abused situation. 
  1. Go Mopar Baby!!! LOL I’m a huge lover for Mopar. For those that don’t know, that would be Dodge vehicles 😊   
  1. My favorite local travel destination is New Orleans, LA! I love the catfish po boys, the street atmosphere, the different sounds of music on every other street. I’m not big on crowds but in New Orleans it just feels different. 


 Yes, I am from England. I did however become a US citizen in November 19’ 

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